Do you want to know more about the logo?

Use your imagination and try to guess the meaning of the logo.

If you give up, here you go…Joly Loly logo was an inspiration of the road. 


The frame of the logo is the historic route “one oh one” as Californians like to call it.

Why “one oh one”? This is one of my favorites routes to ride. I have done this route countless times, so many that  “one oh one” most be part of the logo. 


I got inspired by these beautiful animals, because owls are smart, beautiful with big eyes and always alert. So I found the perfect combo, my favorite animal with “one oh one”.

I said to my self, I shouldn’t go out on the road without having my eyes wide open or without looking 360 like owls do.

I want you to be part of my inspiration, ride smartly with Joly Loly!


The combination of “one oh one” and owly made Joly Loly’s logo.